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16 October 2010

Last week I wrote a long post about how I use Amazon's Kindle and how freaking great it is.  I had all these great little stories and use cases.  Then I read over it and decided to scrap the whole thing.  Why write about how I use it when you could just try it yourself?  So like I said, I chucked that post and wrote this, much shorter one, instead.

You don't have to spend money to get books in the Kindle format.  You don't have have to buy a Kindle at all.  If you have a Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android phone or Blackberry you can get Kindle stuff without buying the device itself.  All you need is an Amazon account.  Download one of the free software applications for your device and start using Kindle stuff right away.  Lots of great classics are free or .99.  You can get sample chapters of dang near everything to try before you buy.  The built in dictionary is great for when you're reading David Copperfield and you come across words like blandishment or scapegrace.   You can highlight passages, add notes and they'll sync across all devices.

Maybe you'll hate reading books in an electronic format.  I thought I would.  Just try it out.  It'll cost you nothing.

You can download the software free from Amazon here.

Once you are set up, here's a sample of some books you can read for free:

The die roll says another tech post.

By Jon Wear

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