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28 April 2010

I'm experimenting with the iPhone camera and some of the little photo apps that you can get for it.  I'm not sure if I'm taking good photographs or not, but I'm having a fun time with it.  Hard to believe that it has all these imaging capabilities...and it's a phone too.

As is my usual MO, I setup a whole other blog devoted to just my iPhone masterpieces.  Common sense finally took over and I decided to do just a post about it instead.  I may do others and if I'm still into this several months from now then maybe I'll spin off another blog then.

I've enjoyed working with the limitations of the iPhone.  I have to look for places with good lighting or else trick them up some way with the editing software.  The constraints are quite liberating so far. they are.  I'll keep uploading new images to this Flickr album (RSS):

By Jon Wear

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