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Auto Complete Example Project

17 May 2009

I've written an ASP.Net project that shows how to configure the Auto Complete Extender(ACE), get back the text and the ID, and pull data to show in a details view. If this is your first time using the ACE, pay special attention to the web service files and the javascript in the default.aspx page.

To run this project you'll need Visual Web Developer 2008 Express, MS SQL Express 2008, and the Adventure Works demo database(AdventureWorksDB.msi).

In addition to the ACE I also used an ASP Update Panel and some basic Linq To SQL.

You can download my example project here. You'll need to set the correct connection string in the web.config file to connect to your copy of the AdventureWorks database. If you need help with connection strings, try this site.

By Jon Wear

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